South Korea Arresting Players of Teaching Feeling

Just last week, South Korean police arrested a number of people under the suspicion of breaching obscenity laws. Those arrested, including an 18-year-old student, were found to be involved with Japanese title, Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling-.

Teaching Feeling, which we ourselves have covered, is an eroge featuring a young girl, which the player must build a relationship with. The game features nudity, sexual content and worst of all, head-pats. Police initially arrested the game’s Korean translator, Kim (age 20), along with 13 others who were detained under the same suspicion.

The copy of Teaching Feeling that was discovered was being hosted on Mr. Kim’s blog and was distributed with the use of a smartphone. The game was also shared by website owner Lee (age 19), who made the files available on the site’s 14,000 member community. Both men are being charged with a breach of South Korean obscenity laws, which can mean up to one year in prison.

A police official was quoted as saying “Teaching Feeling is deemed as child pornography, so people will be punished just for possessing it.” He continued “we will not only track down the owner of the sharing community, we will also track down anyone else sharing it personally.”

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South Korea faces an uphill battle in its efforts to curb porn use, as more than 90% of homes have access to high-speed internet. Over 30 million residents have a smart phone, and due to the technologically advanced nature of the country, there are ways to access illicit material regardless of blocks.

More than 18,000 South Koreans were arrested on rape charges in 2010, which rose from less than 7,000 in 2000. The government began blocking access to pornographic websites in 2008.


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