Metal Gear Solid 5's female DLC outfit 'can be unzipped for a tactical advantage'

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One of Metal Gear Solid 5's new female DLC outfits can be "unzipped for a tactical advantage" in the game, according to its description.

The Jumpsuit, which was originally worn by Metal Gear Solid 3's Eva, is available for 79p and can only be worn by female staff. But as detailed by the Xbox Store, "the chest area can be unzipped for a tactical advantage".

The image accompanying the DLC (above) shows the outfit unzipped to just below the character's naval.

Two other suits - The Boss's Sneaking Suit and Naked Snake's Sneaking Suit - also come with gameplay advantages that prevent "your body heat being detected by NVG-equipped enemies" during FOB missions.

Metal Gear Solid 3's Tuxedo, Fatigues and two new outfits for D-Horse can also be bought for 79p each.

The Jumpsuit DLC follows controversy over the outfit worn by lead female character Quiet, which was criticised for being overly-revealing.

Konami also introduced new forms of microtransactions to Metal Gear Solid 5 earlier today allowing players to take out insurance on their FOB and speed up development on new platforms.

The game's team-based multiplayer mode Metal Gear Online arrived on console today, too, with a PC release set to follow in January.