F1 2016 – Beta Sign Up (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

F1 2016

Codemasters have just announced Beta Sign Ups for their next Formula 1 racer, F1 2016, with players able to test out and give feedback on the new handling on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Due for release this summer, there’s no gameplay footage of F1 2016 available yet (the GIF above is from F1 2015), but Codemasters have announced a return of the career mode, and the addition of Baku’s challenging street circuit, a virtual safety car and hospitality areas where players can carry out research and development. F1 2015 was lauded as an authentic simulation of the high speed motorsport on release, but received mixed reviews due to the lack of a career mode making the game feel like there wasn’t much sense of progression. So with the much welcome new additions, F1 2016 looks on track give F1 fans the full experience they are craving.

The F1 2016 Closed Beta Test will take place on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with players able to race in time trials across Australia, Spain and Austria. Codemasters are very keen to hear feedback about the new handling of the vehicles on the different systems, and how it feels with different setups, assists and different controllers (pads vs wheels). Initially the beta will only be open to 300 people (100 per platform), though hopefully it’ll open up a bit more later on. The Beta will be available worldwide on all platforms except the PS4, which is unfortunately only available in Europe. So sign up now for a chance to get on that starting grid!

Sign Up For The F1 2016 Beta Here (Also Requires Forum Membership, Sign Up Here)

Via alphabetagamer.com

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