Weer mogelijk om Battlefield 2 in multiplayer te spelen?

Helaas is dit artikel in het Engels, maar dat zou zijn geen probleem moeten toch?


Battlefield 2 Artwork

The official end of Battlefield 2 came with the From GameSpy (responsible for this was the way the new GameSpy owner) and the resulting absence of the master server. That left the community of course does not sit up and tinkered unceremoniously its own master server, Battlelog own version and everything is necessary so that you continue to roam in Battlefield 2, fight and have fun. And we do not want the issue of course ignore and give you about today only too happy to review ...

Registration & Download

It all starts with a registration on battlelog.co . Much remains to disregard man - nickname, email address and you are ready and can get started. Then follow the download of the launcher, which then downloads and installs the game files - in addition to the main game are Special Forces and also included the two booster packs. Without CD-Key can and we must not gamble, however.

Battlefield-5-mirrors-edge screenshots-1

Installation & Stats Rescue

In the installation you will be prompted to enter the (or) CD-Key (s). The "Battlefield 2" -version of Battlelog then creates a private key, which you can enter again and then also must not get started. Anyone interested can get it back its old account with all Stats. (What is a good idea if you do not want to ever fight for the first activation ...)

And zocken

There is always still well stocked Server . After successful account creation and installation can therefore fall on old battlefields into battle and experience all the things that made ​​Battlefield 2 so special and unique. And so we wish all old fans a lot of fun and joy in one of Battlefield titles that always floating around in mind of old-fans ...


Via  battlefieldseries.de

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Ze Germans have found Google Translate ?! :+

Maar ehh... dit is met nieuwe graphics/aangepaste maps of gewoon het origineel ?
Ik heb het nog geinstalleerd staan dus eventueel kan ik gewoon wat bestanden vervangen en gaan met die banaan! :D